For over 20 years the Thomas Findlay Companies have been working with many major QSRs, fast casual restaurants and coffee/drinks providers to help streamline store cash handling operations to save time and reduce errors.

The following suggested products have consistently delivered measurable benefits for many of our food service customers.

Omega 230 Currency Counter

Omega 230 Currency Scale

Ideal for multiple register setups the Omega 230 can hold a large number of separate lifts and register closeout counts.
The unit allows entry of checks, coupons and other non-cash items through the built-in keyboard.

Our optional ZetaZero printer adds an integrated thermal printer without taking any additional desktop space.

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Sigma 105 Currency Scale

For single register counting our entry-level Sigma 105 offers rapid counting of bills and coins in a fast, simple, efficient unit.

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T-Flex Coin Change Dispenser

Improve speed of service with the T-Flex coin change dispenser:-

  • 5-7 seconds faster per transaction
  • Increase throughput
  • Improve efficiency
  • Works with most POS systems over USB or RS232 interface

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Cash Management & Backoffice Integration

We offer a wide range of solutions to help connect our counting systems to your backoffice systems and/or offer additional features:-

  • Cashroom Controller Software
  • Utilities to allow our scales to print to your network printers
  • Bespoke cash management software development
  • Management software to control and update your scales centrally


Kitchen Waste Management System

Our innovative WMS system allows you to keep track of kitchen food waste costs and is an ideal tool to help drive waste costs down in a busy managed kitchen environment.

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 You can also browse our full counting product range.